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Who is Kansai Airports?

Kansai Airports was established by a consortium with VINCI Airports and ORIX Corporation as its core members.
Kansai Airports shares the common goal of maximizing the potential of the Kansai International Airport and the Osaka International Airport. It aims to improve services offered to passengers, to give the highest priority to safety and security through investments on the latter, to provide convenience and comfort to increase value, and to enhance relations between the airports and the neighboring communities, benefiting the Kansai regional economy.
On December 15th, Kansai Airports signed a concession contract with a scheduled project period of 44-years with the New Kansai International Airport Company ("NKIAC").

Name Kansai Airports
Date of
December 1,2015
Location 1-banchi, Senshu-Kuko Kita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 549-8501, Japan
Representative Director and CEO: Yoshiyuki Yamaya
Representative Director and Co-CEO: Benoit Rulleau
Business scope Operation and management services, etc. of Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport
Capital 25 billion yen
Shareholders ORIX 40%, VINCI Airports 40%, Other investors 20%(*)

(*) ASICS Corporation; Iwatani Corporation; Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.; OBAYASHI Corporation; OMRON Corporation; The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated; Kintetsu Group Holdings Co., Ltd.; Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd.; Suntory Holdings Limited; JTB Corp.; Sekisui House, Ltd.; DAIKIN Industries, Ltd.; DAIWA HOUSE Industry Co., Ltd.; TAKENAKA Corporation; Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.; NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION; Panasonic Corporation; Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.; Rengo Co., Ltd.; The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.; The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.; The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.; THE SHIGA BANK,LTD.; The Nanto Bank, Ltd.; Nippon Life Insurance Company; Mizuho Bank, Ltd.; Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited; MUFG Bank, Ltd.; Resona Bank, Limited; and the Private Finance Initiative Promotion Corporation of Japan.

Management Profiles

Board of Directors
Representative Director CEO Yoshiyuki Yamaya
Representative Director Co-CEO Benoit Rulleau
Outside Director Makoto Inoue (Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, ORIX Corporation)
Outside Director Xavier Huillard (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, VINCI)
Outside Director Shuji Irie (Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head of Investment and Operation Headquarters, ORIX Corporation)
Outside Director Nicolas Notebaert (Chief Executive Officer, VINCI Concessions)(President, VINCI Airports)
Outside Director and Member of the Audit, Etc. Committee Teruo Ozaki (Teruo Ozaki & Co.)
Outside Director and Member of the Audit, Etc. Committee Katsumi Nakamura (Director, KITO Corporation) (Senior Adviser, Blackstone Group)
Outside Director and Member of the Audit, Etc. Committee Toyokazu Misono (Director, Representative Executive Officer, Vice President, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.)
Executive Officer
Corporate Executive Vice President Ryuhei Sakamoto (CFO)
Corporate Executive Vice President Yannick Aillerie (COO)
Corporate Executive Vice President Mathieu Boutitie (CTO)
Corporate Executive Vice President Francois Southarewsky (CCO-Aeronautical)
Corporate Executive Vice President Stephane Geffroy (CCO-Non Aero)
Corporate Executive Vice President Hiroshi Nishio (Head of Itami Airport)
Corporate Executive Vice President Satoru Katahira (CAO)
Corporate Senior Vice President Satoru Miura (CRO)
Corporate Senior Vice President Julien Iche (Deputy CFO)
Executive Officer Tadahiro Masumoto (Deputy COO)
Executive Officer Masayuki Kuwaki (Deputy CTO)
Executive Officer Kiyotaka Tanaka (Deputy CCO-Aeronautical)
Executive Officer Keiji Takano (Deputy CCO-Non Aero)
Executive Officer Takuya Matsuura (Deputy CAO)
Executive Officer Keiji Koizumi (Deputy Head of Itami Airport)
Executive Officer Koji Ishikawa (Representative Director, Kansai Airports Operation Services)
Executive Officer Akihisa Tabe (Executive Advisor, Commercial Non-Aeronautical Division)
Executive Officer Masaaki Yamamoto (Executive officer (Head of Kobe Airport), Kansai Airports KOBE)
Executive Officer Fumio Owada (Representative Director & President, Kansai Airports Retail & Services)
Executive Officer Atsushi Kato (President & CEO, CKTS Co., Ltd.)
Executive Officer Tsuyoshi Emura (General Manager of T1 Renovation PMO)

About ORIX

About ORIX

ORIX Corporation is a financial services group which provides innovative products and services to its customers through constant pursuit of new businesses.
Established in 1964 with a focus on the leasing business, ORIX has developed its service portfolio by venturing into neighboring fields and acquiring new expertise. At present, its business covers broad sectors including corporate finance, industrial/ICT equipment, environment and energy, automobile, real estate, private equity investment and concession, banking, and life insurance.
In the leasing business, ORIX values expertise in two areas―finance and assets (properties). The company has expanded its finance expertise to include lending, private equity investment, life insurance, banking, and asset management businesses. And the expertise in assets has been leveraged in the fields of industrial/ICT equipment, automobile, real estate, and environment and energy.
Since its expansion to Hong Kong in 1971, ORIX has built a strong global presence by establishing locations in 31 countries and regions around the world.
ORIX will continue to leverage its expertise and strengths in creating new value and develop ever-evolving unique ORIX business models, in a bid to contribute to society through corporate activities that empower businesses and people.


About VINCI Airports

About VINCI Airports

VINCI Airports, as the leading private airport operator in the world, manages the development and operation of 45 airports located in Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, France, Japan, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Served by more than 250 airlines, VINCI Airports' network handled 255 million passengers in 2019.
Through its expertise as a comprehensive integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and operates airports, leveraging its investment capability, international network and know-how to optimise the management and performance of airports and to carry out airport expansions and upgrades.
In 2019, its annual revenue for managed activities amounted to €4.9 billion, for a consolidated revenue of €2.6 billion.




million passengers


Served by over 250 airlines

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Kansai Airports

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Access map
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Access map
<Airport road map>
Airport road map
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Airport road map
<From the railway station>
From the railway station
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From the railway station

Due to the construction of measures against disasters, the parking space in front of Kansai Airports building has been reduced significantly. Please use the general parking if it is full. We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please refer to here for access to the general parking.

ITAMI headquarters

3-555-Banchi, Hotarugaikenishimachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka 560-0036, Japan

< Airport road map >
Airport road map
Large view
Airport road map
< From the railway station >
From the railway station
Large view
From the railway station

Kansai Airport Kobe

Group Companies

* Kansai Airports Group Companies (from April 1, 2019)

Kansai Airports Kobe
Company Profile
Kansai Airports Retail & Services
TEL (072)455-2903 FAX (072)455-2907
Kansai Airports Operation Services
TEL (072)455-4980 FAX (072)455-4981
Kansai Airports Technical Services
TEL (072)455-2920 FAX (072)455-2935
Ckts Co., Ltd.
TEL (072)456-6001 FAX (072)456-6009
World Air Passenger Service Co., Ltd.
TEL (06)6856-7240 FAX (06)6856-7236
KIA Heating & Cooling Supply Co., Ltd.
TEL (072)455-2800 FAX (072)455-2809

Brochure & videos


This brochure provides an overview of our company and 3 airports; KIX, ITAMI and KOBE.

Digital Book


Kansai International Airport (KIX)
A video introducing KIX(YouTube)
Osaka International Airport (ITAMI)
A video introducing ITAMI(YouTube)

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As of 1st April, 2016, Kansai Airports succeeded the operating right for both Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport. Please note that the name of the previous operator, New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd., is described in some materials and articles related to previous operation.