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Establishment and progress of the airport
History of the Kansai International Airport
Environment chronology
Outline diagram for the efforts in regard to the environment

Environment considerations with the second phase
Creation of an abundant environment
Monitoring of the influence onto the environment
Environment preservation measures during the construction work
Together with the people in the surrounding area
Environment influence evaluation

Environment considerations with the second phase

Environment influence evaluation

The Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. and the Kansai International Airport Land Development Co.,Ltd. have predicted the environmental impact of the second phase onto Osaka Bay and the surrounding area, and they have assessed it by comparison with environment preservation targets established in advance from the point of view of conservation of the natural environment.As the result, it is recognized that the environment preservation targets will be fulfilled and that there will be no noticeable impact onto the environment.

Procedure for Environment Impact Assessment
Prediction and assessment have been performed as follows,and the basic procedure is shown in the figure on the under.
  1. All the projects from the construction stage to the operation has been divided into 'Airport existence', 'Airport operation' and 'Airport construction work', and the environmental impact elements on Osaka Bay and the surrounding area (hereinafter called 'environmental impact elements') and items influenced by 'environmental impact elements' (hereinafter called 'environment impact assessment items') have been extracted.

  2. In regard to life environment and natural environment,the present situation has been analyzed by site investigations and existing documentation, etc.
    And concrete items (here in after called 'prediction and assessment items') have been selected for the environment impact assessment items for which an influence by the environment impact elements is to be predicted.

  3. In order to make impartial judgment from the viewpoint of conservation of life environment and natural environment, environment conservation targets have been set for each prediction and assessment item.

  4. Paying considerations to reducing the environment impact by implementation of environment conservation measures for each prediction and assessment item, so as not to over] or underestimate the influence onto the environment, efforts have been made to make quantitative predictions as far as possible, and the results have been assessed by comparison with the environment conservation targets.

Procedures for investigation,prediction,and assessment

Relations between the environmental impact elements and environment impact assessment items

Note:Items marked by a circle are items where the influence of elements influencing the environment can be considered and which have been extracted as environment influence evaluation items.
Cultural treasures is only an item for investigation of the present situation.