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Establishment and progress of the airport
History of the Kansai International Airport
Environment chronology
Outline diagram for the efforts in regard to the environment

Environment considerations with the second phase
Creation of an abundant environment
Monitoring of the influence onto the environment
Environment preservation measures during the construction work
Together with the people in the surrounding area
Environment influence evaluation

Environment considerations with the second phase

Together with the people in the surrounding area


Communication with the local population is aimed for by holding of work experience events, establishment of an observation hall, etc.

PR room at the Kansai International Airport Environment Center
The Environment Center(Observation Hall 2F) , where environment monitoring data are collected and analyzed, also provides access to the monitoring results, permits experiencing of noise, etc.
>>The Environment Center ,

Cooperation with Kansai Airport & Airfront Community Plaza
Kansai Airport &Airfront Community Plaza was opened in April 2001 in the city of Kaizuka to provide easy access to information concerning the Kansai International Airport,its surroundings growing together with the airport,and the environment.
This is an important PR installation for the Kansai International Airport,and efforts are made in regard to providing information and other cooperation.

Phase 2 project Observation
The observation hall in which gave a panorama of 2nd phase construction site through the west side window was opened at the 5th floor of the 2nd phase construction Bld. in July,'99 as same as starting construction of 2nd phase project. There are panels and scale models concerning with 2nd phase construction permanently in the hall. Almost 400 thousand people visited the hall until the closing hall at the end of fiscal year'10.

Let's go the airport island together
This event took place every year to see and experience the current situation of the work of phase 2 and to deepen the understanding of the work from 2000 to 2009.
To celebrate the third anniversary of the work for phase 2, the work experience event 'Let's build the airport island together' was held on August 24, 2002. Approximately 1600 persons participated in this event, photos with work ships etc. as the background were taken at the site, and events like installation of a temporary belt conveyor to experience land reclamation, releasing of black sea bream, cruising, etc. provided the participants with a pleasant time.

PR room in the Center

Phase 2 project Observation

Phase 2 project Observation

Let's build the airport island together

Cruising around the second airport island and the existing airport island. This was a pleasant cruise taking approx. one hour, during which the completed breakwater, the work condition of the gravel barges, etc. could be observed.

Land reclamation experience
Near the work area of the gravel barges, the participants also could experience the land reclamation work. Soil from the four main soil sites of Sumoto, Tsuna, Kabuto, and Misaki was filled into buckets, which were then emptied. The soil then was transported by belt conveyor to the land reclamation site.